Want to learn how to be a millionaire? I’ve been a millionaire twice and I’m sharing the easy tips and ticks that got me here, as well as what to avoid.  Being wealthy  isn’t some fantasy that only comes true on TV.  Being wealthy is a number, your number, specific to having just enough money to do what you want to do in life.  And that can be anything you want, completely up to your imagination and dreams.  For me, wealthy is having the “option” to spend time with my kids whenever I want to.  Not held back by work, time, or distance.  Its not about owning a Porsche or Mansion or dining with movie stars, that would be fun but I’ve learned the key is to be realistic, attainable, something you can calculate, work at, measure and achieve.    

That’s only half of it.  What is wealth without your health?  Absolutely nothing.  Your journey through life is 100% traveled through your vehicle…your body.  Your experience of the world, of your family, your entire reality is journeyed through your body.  Your health is absolutely paramount.  Again, you don’t need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger but you do need to make more good choices than bad.  As with money, don’t beat yourself up over the mistakes, they’ll happen.  Re-focus on making more good choices than the bad ones.  Remember this is not a sprint, its the destination you have focus on.

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