Corey Gates TUBE CASH CODE Review – A Scam?

Corey Gates TUBE CASH CODE Review – A Scam?

PRODUCT: Tube Cash Code
PRICE: $49
Author Corey Gates
Releasing : November 4th

So You have hear about another money making products its Corey Gates TUBE CASH CODE system.So here I am once again reviewing a new internet marketing product .Today I’ll be reviewing a product from Mr. Corey Gates which he calls “TUBE CASH CODE” which he will be launching to public on November 4th 2013.

Who is Corey Gates ?

The guy behind Tube Cash Code is someone that you want to learn about. Corey Gates is the person that has helped a lot of people make a lifestyle change. This guy has literally helped people earn tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of months. Most people are not comfortable with their typical jobs. Working is fine, but when you are not happy with your current lifestyle or cannot pay the cost of living without saving a reasonable amount of money then you are going to want to learn about Corey Gates and trust him.

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TUBE-CASH-CODE scam review

The Power of YouTube and Google

If you know anything about the internet, you know that the three most poplar and powerful websites on the net right now are Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Now the fact that YouTube is owned by Google means that there is only one real super power on the internet.


TUBE CASH CODE will be released on November 4 but I was one of the lucky few who got it way before everyone else to try it out . So I purchased the complete system on October 26th through clicksure using my credit card. Clicksure is a very trusted way to make online payments for these products as you are supported by their 60 days money back guarantee.

Below is my screen shot of using this software for 7 days

tube cash Code review

So it works for me and you can also get money from this software.

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After successfully purchasing the whole thing, I was taken to the members area.

 When you buy the tube cash code program You Get


This is the main software that you will be getting with front-end purchase. This software was actually sold for $997 few months back to very limited people but now it is yours for a very low price of $49. This software will help you ANALYZE and RANK YouTube videos quickly.

Bonus Live Training

Corey Gates has paid well over $20,000 for guest speakers and arranged these special bonus live training for you free of cost

Step By Step Training

They offer you step by step training so you don’t face any problem making money with tube cash code system

Tube Traffic Code – The 5 Step Traffic Software

Tube traffic is 100% self-contained software that has the BUILT in training that you’re looking for.

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Final Reviews

I personally purchased  Corey’s Tube Cash Code and started implementing the techniques using his software and within 4 hours i have already made over $400 in pure profits.Overall the system is FANTASTIC and passes my authenticity check. Tube Cash Code is not a scam.You can sure make money with tube cash code.

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tube cash code review

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7 thoughts on “Corey Gates TUBE CASH CODE Review – A Scam?

  1. So i wonder, if you all get that kind of money and i just saw the corey video saying all the time that is free, then why comes that you have to pay ????
    I just don’t understand why you peoples mess with peoples….saying that you will make a fortune in just an hour (according to the video that woman and his son just make almost 1400$ in 30 minutes…i didn’t even calculate what those two make in 24 hours…)….so stop lying….

  2. i dont know either why i have to pay for this when he says it is free

    thats why why im having double mind of puting my precious money

    if it is true then why must i pay before a try?

  3. After viewing Cassey Gate video, I am not so convinced that it is on the up and up and it is defiantly not free. During the video he repeatedly kept saying I will give you this for free. At the end came the catch, 49.00. So I put my email into the box and the order form came up. Decided to leave the page and when I did another came up with Correy saying he will pay 30 dollars on my scholarship, when I declined that another screen came up offering the system for just 9 dollars, after I declined that another screen came up with Correy on it, offering me a free webpage. So I thought ok and applied, when I did another video came up while my order was processing. I watch and at the end of the video, I had to purchase a another system to make the webpage work. that he just gave me for free. This system was not cheep.
    It is ironic that Correy had just left the office where he was offered 45 million dollars and they had just told him that they would sell a system that did not work and then sell them an up grade that would make the first system work. Pretty much what correy is doing buy offering a free webpage that does not work unless you purchase his second system for a few hundred dollars.
    Smells fishy to me.
    In his video he states that the 49 dollars is to help him pay for the upgrades to the system. After getting of the plain he stated that he had just made 48 thousand dollars in one of his accounts. If he is doing this every day in one account that adds up to about 17 million in one year in just one account. Who know how many other account he has making the same kind of money. With that kind of money coming in why is he so worried about a couple of hundred thousand. I think is he is so confident in his system he should give it for free as he stated he would so many times in video. After I have used it for a month and seen the results I would gladly pay him 5 or even 10 time the 49 dollars.

    I would how much more I will end up paying to make the system work properly.

  4. I’m in total belief that Cory Gates is a true rip-off. After spending $19.00 to buy “TUBE CASH CODE” I was lead to another page asking for $298. for an up graded version. I was lead by the video that $19.00 would buy the version so I could get started making money on line. For the $19.00 I got nothing!
    For this reason I believe he a RIP-OFF!
    If Anyone knows better than let me know.

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